Horoscope+ 2018 App Reviews

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Kinda scary how close it describes my personality but I love it and use it daily


I love this app. It’s so accurate and I love the extra added features.

Honestly scarily accurate, and not a pushy app to have.

A lot of apps that have push notifications are overly pushy this one isn’t and is very accurate and not one the very vague horoscope apps.


I think this app is great everything has been right on 😊

Love it

Pretty accurate

Fun app

Love this horoscope app really great readings on the signs


Be careful. This app doesn’t allow to cancel the subscription. I’ve emailed them multiple times but no answer. :(

Awesome app

It’s definitely one to have on your phone, I haven’t had it very long but everything has held true to this day with my job, friends and family!


Please don’t download this app I never signed a subscription and they charged me 20 dollars to my account I’m on the Apple trying to get a refund and they don’t me their is nothing they can do the whole app is a scam

Fraudulent Charge

No where on the description of the app does it indicate a subscription fee if $4.99! Just received a receipt from Apple showing where they billed me $4.99!!! I had deleted the app off of my phone because I was bored with it & then this happens. Seems to me that it should be clearly posted in the description what you’ll be charged instead of making it appear as it was a free app!


Great app very addictive but in a good way

This is very accurate

Well you just go and see what people post and you read them and you think to yourself “oh I do this all the time” or “I’m like that” so in which I believe this is real many people might not think the same but it’s a very intriguing app


They don’t tell you in the download listing that you need to start a trial and they will charge your iTunes account

Very on cue about my sign it’s almost scary!

I downloaded this bc I’ve always been into astrology and this app is amazing not only for its horoscopes but the memes and quotes and even the articles. It’s been really right on with my sign it’s almost scary at times. And it’s helped me understand and be more compassionate about my other friends or lovers as well. Thank you all for doing such a fantastic job! Seriously you’re loved from me!

Thumps up 👍🏻

Nice compare to others


Very boring , bland readings .

Love this app

Thank you!!!

PLEASE READ!!! I love Horoscopes!

So basically I'm a very spiritual little girl. I love magic and the mysterious. When I heard about horoscopes, I wasn't even sure what it was. I've always looked online or come across a video on YouTube. I never actually got committed to horoscopes, not that I didn't believe in them, I just didn't understand how they worked. I found out I was a Taurus and after downloading this app I was still unsure of what to expect from this app. I honestly thought it would be like any other website or video that would tell me some basic traits here and there about the zodiacs. But no! There are so many articles and they go into so much detail about very scenario possible. The best part is, once the app gets to know you more, it kinda predicts your daily horoscope a bit in a way where it seems like they know that was going to happen. This is #1 in guidance and reassurance. Trust this app, trust me. I can't wait to open the app every morning. It gives me confidence throughout the day and keeps me aware of my surroundings. Give this app a try. Give it a good whole month I hope you see the amazing progress in your life. Blessed be!

Momma Jenn Jenn

I love the motivation and guidance

Helps a lot

Though not everything about this may or may not be true it helps me stay aware of my surroundings and gives me enough knowledge and wisdom to understand the true meaning of myself and for that I am eternally grateful


Awesome app


This app is so trueee💖

I love it

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ best app

Best App ever

Best social helper!!! I just wish I could find my sun sign on here too

Sneaky subscription auto billed with download!

Charges monthly subscription and no clear way to cancel!

Not very accurate

For me (a pisces) it wasn’t really that accurate to who I am and, well, everything from the quizzes to my gender (which should be fixed, for some reason it thinks I’m a male?)

Great app!

This app is a perfect balance of not intrusive but there when I need it! So far they have been on point!

Awesom app

I Love this app so much fun Information. I will refer this app to my friends and family.

Real deal

So let me explain my story. I was goin through something with my bf. After a fight he wanted a break. And I didn’t see him for almost 2 months when I decided to download this app... for guidance and help with our situation. I would read my horoscope everyday as soon as I woke up and things were really happening but in very subtle ways. I would take each quote as a metaphor and not focus on it but keep it in mind. So today mine told me to speak my mind about something no matter what. It’s been 3 months since I’ve seen my bf and I asked him if I was going to see him again and he asked if I could come see him tomorrow. So I would definitely recommend this app not because it kind of helped make my dream come true lol but because it was there to give hope and help keep the faith with my situation. My prays and love to you all. Take a chance it won’t hurt. But now they asking for premium... I think I’m good now lol (jk)


On point with my readings kind of crazy but I like this app a lot


It’s so interesting to see the combos of the signs, to see who I am compatible with!


It’s super easy to use the “compatibility” is GREATT! Again ease of use makes it very cool! Great job guys!!

I think Horoscope Plus is good

I think Horoscope plus is a good one on the Apple App Store. It is useful.


I downloaded and deleted the app within a few days. So many ads and you have to download and pay premium to see your full horoscope. So annoying


I want to see more about Gemini women & Capricorn man....it’s a lot of Pisces stuff 🙁 overall, I like this app

I love this App!!!

I like that it gives you so many different options like articles and tarot to daily and much more. I’ve been finding things about myself and others to be spot on in terms of individualized readings.

Great app

I love reading my daily horoscope, and I also like reading the articles. When I first downloaded the app I was able to get my horoscope for tomorrow, but now that is a premium feature. I'm actually ok with that, as I understand the developers need to be compensated. I also noticed the same annoying pop up ad since the last update, and I could even live with that if it didn't pop up quite as often as it does. The descriptions of each astrological sign and their traits are more accurate than any other horoscope app I've tried. I'd like to see the Memes/Quotes categorized by sign so I wouldn't have to scroll through so many just to find one pertinent to the signs I'm interested in. If that feature was implemented it would rate 5 stars.

Love This App!

Love it! Definitely well researched! I've recommended this app to all my friends and family! It's right on the money every time.

Worst ever

i feel like half the time there just making things up as they go . the email horoscope(which if you read more ) “daily horoscope” is/are completely different than app or website .


These were the worst horoscope readings I’ve ever had. They didn’t relate or make sense to me or my life or even Mia’s are Pisces in anyway. It just seems like a bunch of random bs. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept it for quite a while before finally deleting it. I’m top of that you have to pay for premium to access most features.

Great app guys!

This app is awesome ! Two thumbs up 👍🏻 I 👏🏻

True Gemini

Yep, that's me! And since you already know I love to communicate, I'll say this: Wonderful app! It's THE BEST! I don't just read my daily horoscope.....I also read the great and plentiful articles that keep me intrigued and always wanting more! Every horoscope I have read for myself (Gemini) OR any of my friends/family signs, are absolutely, SPOT ON! I'm very VERY happy with this app and I don't use and/or read ANY OTHER horoscope out there! This is THE ONE! Get it, you will be grateful, I promise! -Sincerely Your True Gemini

Account Settings???

Where can I find my account settings?? I’m looking in all the “usual spots” but can’t locate it anywhere. Please help. Thanks.

Horoscope 2018

This app is extremely help full and helps me deeper in looking into readings. Helping me understand more about people and such even my self.

It’s great, but..

I love this app, I’m super into horoscopes and I love having one I can check everyday. But my only compliant is that the horoscope for Pisces in February hasn’t changed on my app, it’s the same as January’s and even though it’s listed for February, it still says January in the description. All the other signs are updated for February, except Pisces.

Not worth it

For free I get more accurate and realistic horoscopes from Daily Horoscope. The fact that this app is 19.99 for the amount of info they offer is a rip off. They don’t offer a birth chart for the amount of information they gather from you. Slight disappointment for a 19.99 subscription.


How do I cancel the free trial . I want it gone


I fell in love with astrology about 16 years ago when my first child was born. I love this app.

Highly recommend this app

Love it!

Cant cancel!!!

I cant figure out how to end my trial i dont want to get automatically charged please help anyone

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