Horoscope+ 2018 App Reviews

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Ads galore

This app is not functional... there are thousands of ads every time you click to a new screen. Unless you turn on notifications you will always have a red doc at the bottom of your screen. Not worth it. Try any other horoscope app I’m sure it is leaps and bounds over this ad pile


My horoscopes are almost always relatable and the articles are the best👍🏾I love this app

I absolutely love this app!

This is one of the best horoscope apps out! It is completely accurate and I have my whole family reading their horoscope now because of this app! It’s almost scary lol. Whoever writes the horoscope for Capricorn’s, THANK YOU. You have truly helped me stay on track with my spiritual journey.

It would be perfect if...

So I really appreciate this app, the concept is great and the predictions are very accurate. The various articles never make me sick of reading, the zodiac compatibility is always fun and exciting, the quizzes omg THE QUIZZES ARE AMAZING it’s my favorite thing in the app!! And the results always surprises me! Omg DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT EVER STOP POSTING NEW ARTICLES, QUOTES AND ESPECIALLY QUIZZES cuz the app will lose its value I swear. So I really wanna give this app a 5-star rating, but if I were the developer of this app I would have a bit more imagination. So my advice is: it would be PERFECT if there were more fun and various topics for the “memes and quotes” category. Here are some ideas for it. Food based topics such as: which sign likes which snack, signs that prefer a salty snack or a sweet one, which signs like more spicy food than others, the favorite pizza flavor of the signs, signs that prefer a cone or cup when ordering ice cream, signs that prefer using a spoon and a fork or only a fork when eating spaghetti (I don’t even know if that exists but it might not be a bad idea cuz u can say for example, people who use both fork and spoon are more insecure than those who use only a fork, since it’s possible to drop the spaghetti if ur using only a fork, so that might mean that people who use only a fork are more confident about their spaghetti-eating-skills. idk lol). I personally LOVE to eat so I listed so many ideas about food and I’d like to know which sign is the most gluttony, foodie gourmet one. (I’m a Leo btw). But it could be also just common things in life and I’ve got also some examples for it that might be hilarious: signs that choose to wet their toothbrush before applying toothpaste on it or the opposite, signs that eat or don’t eat breakfast, signs that carry their backpack on one or two shoulders, signs most likely to become tall, the favorite book genre of the signs, signs most likely to be left handed (again, I dunno if this could be done but it’s proven that left handed people are intelligent so ex. the Virgo, known for their intelligence, could be one of them)... so u get the idea. I think it would be GREAT if the memes and quotes were funnier. So that’s the only advice I have. If not, it’s such an amazing app trust me👍🏻

19.99 after 1 week

Let down when something says free then you download it just for it to say 1st week free then 19.99


I am trying to reach out to support team for a help. I don't know how to uninstall it. Can someone pls help


I saw the App, which said Free 30 day trial. As soon as I downloaded the App it immediately charged my bank account $19.99. That’s how Apps like this get you by saying free trial. I am extremely displeased with this App and I want a refund.

Sneaky sneaky

Be careful, this app was charging me every month $9.99. They get you at first as a free subscription & then charge you every month after that even if you delete the app. Very sneaky if you ask me. Who would even pay for a daily horoscope every month? There’s tons of free horoscopes out there!

Where is this song from I love it

Where is song from I love it

can’t cancel

Never accurate, don’t respond to emails and there is no access to account settings so you can actually cancel the automatic payment. Waste of my money and still can’t figure out how to CANCEL!!!!

Libra Girl

I highly recommend this app for Daily guidance. I tend to be indecisive at times and I have been known to not always make the best decisions, however, reading my daily horoscope and learning more about my zodiac sign has given me guidance. Its amazing at times how accurate the quotes are to my daily situations. Now because I am a big skeptic at times I will purposely go hours in a day before checking my daily scope just to see how accurate It can be to my day. I’m Impressed! It is Always on point. It helps me think things through. I’m making better decisions now I’m told.

It’s okay

I like it. But can you add the cusp dates? I’m technically a Taurus with Aries qualities. I’m interested in finding out about more about my sign.

The same as the rest.

So far it’s nothing special about this app getting similar information from free horoscope apps. Not worth it to me


I can’t figure out how to cancel this app. I accidentally purchased.

Fake Free App!!!

Another stupid app that once you download you can’t even use unless you pay $19.99 per month!! Waist of my time, now I have to uninstall. I’m getting sick of these apps.

Cannot cancel on app!!!

I have tried to contact this company multiple times to cancel. And I have no idea what to do, as I do not want to be charged the $25 after the free trial! I am so angry right now. Edited: FYI.... just google iTunes account settings/subscriptions and that will help you cancel!!

Help please!!!

I’m trying to figure out how to cancel the subscription I had no intention of beginning. Every time I go to find information on the matter all I get is the terms and services and I really do not want this app, especially not for $19.99 a month

You like ads?

Tbh the apps not worth it. Constantly bombarded by 30 second ads you cant skip, and if not that you’re being pushed to pay for premium. Don’t recommend.

Intentionally Difficult to Unsubscribe

The directions to unsubscribe are not given, putting this app right up there in the “scam” domain. The second after I downloaded this app, I tried to unsubscribe. I scanned the app and the website for directions, nothing! I also emailed every email address I could find (three emails total) connected to the app asking for directions on how to unsubscribe, my inquiries were met with silence - unreturned. I was charged today, and today it finally hit me to check the reviews, as clearly more people were scammed by this, and, ta-da, I was right.


First off, it is not easy to cancel this subscription. And you MUST make sure you do so BEFORE the billing cycle is over. When you go into your App Store subscriptions, you will see you are automatically set up to be charged $19.99, but they have SEVERAL different billing options for a premium membership. This just seems very shady. When I tried to contact them by the email listed, it is not a valid domain name so my email bounced back. BUYER BEWARE!


Don’t purchase! Information isn’t accurate and there’s no simple way to cancel their ridiculously high monthly fee! Terrible!


This app is horrible, there are so many ads and features that you need to pay extra for. Even if I paid, who has time for that many ads? Not what I want to sit through first thing in the morning when I want to be inspired. Don't even get me started on the hidden charges as well- that are "clearly stated" in itty bitty almost clear letters at the very bottom. All around bad.

Foreclosing issues

Love this app but bad foreclosing issues. I have the most recent app update on 8+ and can’t even open it now.

No es gratis

Te cobran por todo es malísima xq no avisan q hay q pagar así uno no la baja la app

How do you stop auto renewal?

It’s alright... but not worth 10.00/mo. I didn’t mean to auto subscribe & I can’t figure out how to get rid of it so it’s lame!

Don’t want the app

FB did not mention the app not being a free one clicked on it and Downloaded it and than I saw the subscription renewal fee.... I subsequently deleted it and I would not want to subscribe and be charged. Thank you for the nice app and I gave it a solid 3 Star since I didn’t use it.... Single mom here and that is a nice coffee drink and lunch I am not willing to give up. Cheers Tash

whoa, so accurate ?

this app is so weird accurate. not even talking in subtle small ways. i decided to download the app and read through my 2018 horoscope, and i was so shocked ! everything being said about my love life was too accurate ! they predicted our argument and our resolution and the exact way that we talked. it really trips me out. and the 2018 horoscope mentioned something about a sudden injury, and that’s exactly what happened ! my knee was badly injured really suddenly when i was running and i was out for a few weeks. i don’t know how this thing got that (i’m not usually a firm believer in horoscopes or zodiac signs) but this app may have changed it for me...


With the ease of fingerprint tap purchase. I didn’t see that I actually purchased this app for $19.99. With no none to contact to cancel this immediately the $19.99 charge was made regardless. I took a peak inside the app and it’s a really basic horoscope. It is Short and uninformative. You can find free apps and articles that will dive deeper into astrology and daily monthly predictions. Very disappointed and dissatisfied.

Can’t cancel app

I am trying to cancel app and impossible to contact anyone to cancel. Getting non valid email addresses


Nice app, not accurate

No cancel button as promised with the free trial!!

This app says try it and just click the cancel button if you don’t want it. Well there is no button. I have spent tons of time looking everywhere in this app and NO CANCEL BUTTON!!! You have to email them to contact them and now I am waiting and have to continue to spend more time to keep them from billing me. Don’t lie and say canceling is easy if it isn’t!!! I will never try this companies free trials again. Lesson learned!!!

Hate this app

I literally hate this app charged me even after I deleted it before the free trial just terrible , never again .

keeps crashing

i used to really like the app until my premium ended and that’s where the problems started. playing the ads always leads to crashes. please fix this.

Beware $19.99 charge after I uninstalled the app

I was curious about the app. I downloaded it and it wasn’t very accurate regarding compatibility. So I uninstalled. Today, about a week later I get a $19.99 charge on my Apple account for this app. Hopefully I will get a refund. This is not cool. Perhaps my horoscope should have said I would get ripped off in the very near future.

Cancel subscription?

How do I cancel my subscription

Limited unless you pay

It doesn’t let you read tomorrow’s full horoscope unless you pay and the first one was really short. And the way you were advertising it, it made it look like you talk about types of relationships and deeper details. All lies.


Not that I expected much, but 90% if it is ads and what little info they give you about your horoscope is brief and recommends you download other apps.


Why can't I remove my email address

tottal scam

What kind of bull*hit is this for full information you have to buy premium.So it basicly means you give first two sentences if i dont want to be yoyr financial slave.Worst kind of develepers.Wouldnt recoment it ever.

Nothing for free

Can't even read one horoscope without paying

They keep charging me after canceling

I’m so frustrated that this app keeps charging me even though I wrote them repeatedly and asked to have my subscription canceled. They have charged me for several months after is asked for cancellation.

It’s okay

Some of the information is wrong like it said my mars is in the 4th house but my mars is actually in my 5th house

Don’t do it

I downloaded this app, looked cool on a Facebook ad. Proceeded with the free trial week. Which there after you get charged 19.99 a month. With in 2 minutes I realized I wouldn’t use this app. Tried to figure out how to cancel to make sure the subscription is cancelled because usually deleting the app doesn’t cancel a subscription. I have sent an email and haven’t received a response. I’m more so writing this to get help and a resolution to my issue. I want to make sure the subscription is cancelled please!

Please don’t charge me.

I immediately deleted, please don’t charge me $19.99 when the trial is over, I don’t want this app- I don’t accept the charges!

Really?? $20 a month to even see tomorrow’s horoscope?

This app is BS

No thanks not for me

So I’m interested in totally taking this off before my free trial how in the world can we make sure of that happening

Pending purcahse

I just wanted to try this app then on my purchase history its asking to pay $10 something in pending purchase wth

Cancel sub

How do you cancel this subscription?


There are no problems. It would be a good idea to have a personal feed or wall or something to repost or possibly chat with others. Maybe not chat but more to repost because there are “memes and quotes” which make the app look more social than it really is.


Having hard time unsubscribing I’ve emailed them and tried doing it myself and they keep charging me.

  • send link to app