Horoscope+ 2018 App Reviews

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Fraudulent Charge

Update***5/19/18 They’ve continued to charge me even though I’ve cancelled my account. No where on the description of the app does it indicate a subscription fee if $4.99! Just received a receipt from Apple showing where they billed me $4.99!!! I had deleted the app off of my phone because I was bored with it & then this happens. Seems to me that it should be clearly posted in the description what you’ll be charged instead of making it appear as it was a free app!

Where is settings ? Or Account Settings ?

I’ve only had the app for one day and I can’t find an option in the app marked as Setting ! Or Account Settings ! They give you a free trial but no way to opt out if you don’t like it !

Cancel feature stucks

Cancel please do not want

Another sorry app

Dear developers, I’m not paying anything to see my horoscope 😒💯 It’s an app and 9 out of 10 it’s inaccurate. Every app has some kind of feature that you ridiculously have to purchase to be able to use. The nerve to have MONTHLY PAYMENTS😂 It sounded great but try again


Accurate.. On point EVERYDAY!! A MUST to download!!

So accurate lately..

Wow :)

I want my money back

I canceled and still was charged. Ridiculous

Too much

This app had great features for the hour I used it but once deleted although the features are no longer available to you it seems they are still available to your bank account. I don’t understand how I’m being charged for an app I deleted. I don’t even remember buying any type of premium purchase but now I’m getting screwed over 5.49 a month for an app I don’t use.

Not so sure about this....

This app is cool, but it has called me a sag or a different sign name on a few occasions. I’m a Leo. I feel like sometimes it is dead on, but other times it isn’t and I’m wondering if the inconsistency is bc I’m actually reading another signs horoscope.

It’s true!

Let me explain. I would wake up every morning and go on my phone to read the horoscope everyday. At first I thought it wouldn’t be real but I’m a Capricorn and today mine’s said that I have important people on my side now. So I need them to reach my ambitions.. Today at school I had an argument with specific people. I’m not going to say who but they are people. But my friends are on my side which I’m glad. When the argument was done, I realized that this morning when I read the horoscope, it was true. I was surprised and I’m like Wow this is guiding me throughout my problems. I even wanted to obtain my friends not talking as things about other people. I wanted no drama, no nothing. And my horoscope said that I needed my friends to obtain my goal to make everyone nice to each other. I see how this is guiding me through my life and I’m now taking advice from it. This app is amazing so I give this a 5 star rating. <3 :)



Taking My Money

I downloaded this, never even used it. And I never gave them account info. And months later, I get a bank notification that I have an Itunes transaction for $11. I traced it back to this app. This transaction happened 3 times already! Seriously, they dont even make it easy for you to stop the payments. Forget this app and the makers of it. You guys are just screwing people over. I recommend to not even download this! Stay away!

hidden subscription NOT FREE!

i was charged for a subscription i didn’t sign up for i had the app for a day and deleted it and now am getting a charge for a premium subscription! i see someone else had the SAME issue but they charge was a smaller $4.99 when i was charged $19.99!


Great app I recommend it to all

They’ve been screwing me over for the past 3 months

So I downloaded this app for the free trial and then deleted the app five days latter. In the description it claims to charge your account $9.99 a month after the 6th day of your trial. I have been getting charged $19.99 for the past three months after deleting the app withn the amount of time told to avoid these payments that arrent even what they claim to be. Just now realizing that I’ve been charged practically $60 for an app I don’t even have downloaded on my phone I am very annoyed and mad. I’ve never had this happen with any other app and I feel like this app is a complete scam!!!!!!

Too many ads

Everything you touch is an ad behind it

Love it but...

Everything is right on. But, I wish there was a way to go back in time to see past horoscopes. I typically screenshot the good ones but forgot to yesterday. Whomp whomp.


This has helped me and a lot and answered questions not even I knew until I read this, it’s great to use and I love it.

Old/New infatuation

This is a great app. Keeps all of your information updated as much as possible and helps me with the outlook on my day. I initially downloaded this app because I wanted to see if it would do anything for me. But now that’s it’s downloaded, I go here every morning before I get out of my bed so that I can start my day off right.


A fun app ... right on the money with my character traits !

On point !

This app has never been off at all, I can always correlate my horoscope with what is actually going on in my life. It’s amazing how dead on the horoscopes are and also the predictions and etc. seriously I have tried multiple apps and they were so off. It’s like this app connects with your soul and provides a personal scope for you! It’s really good!

This is the best Horoscope site I have ever seen/ read

I highly recommend this site to everyone The advice I read on a daily basis is on point! Thank you Carla

Way too many ads, vague stereotypes

Number of ads make it impossible to use seamlessly. UI is mediocre at best.

Wish it was still free

So I had the app before “premium” when you could see tomorrow and the next month without having to subscribe. I understand that it can’t always be free, but it was nice when it was.

Not bad

Most of the things are close to me but some good thoughts

I like it

I like the app I think it’s interesting I read mine Almost everyday. I wish it gave more info and whom they are talking about.

Worse App

They trick u automatically to be subscribed as u download the app itself. For a week is free then charges u 4.99 a month. Biggest BS

Must Download!

This app for horoscope is the best out there and most legit. Download to see real facts about you and your life.

This app is a scam

There is nowhere for you to cancel your account before being billed. I tried the free trial & I don’t want the stupid app & there’s no way to cancel! This is really annoying!


Not always accurate, and I don’t expect it to be because not everyone fits stereotypes, but it definitely fits it’s description and is fun to view.


I no longer would like your subscription, how can I cancel the automatic monthly renewal?

Scam to get your money!

I ended up on this app by accident. After my child signed up and I tried to delete it prior to getting charged. I’ve emailed them no response And there is no way that I can cancel this free before the seven day trial is up. Do you not get this app unless you want to be charged!!!!! I’m in contact with my credit card company to try to dispute the charges this app is ridiculous

Tricked by their “Free Trial”

They will automatically charge you and keep charging you once you agree to the free trial and deactivating the free trial is VERY hard!

Wait, what?!

If my review is “better than all the money in the world” than why would I subscribe for 2.99$ a month to get my daily horoscope? There are multiple other apps and websites that are free, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Just okay

This horoscope app is annoying, the ads are ridiculous unless you buy the premium version. After reading all the different horoscopes they all seem a bit repetitive. Too many ads so I deleted.


There is an artist that you guys keep stealing from to advertise for this, an artist who has tried many times emailing but there has been no response. I would give this zero stars if I could.

Jeffery Dean Morgan

Why is Jeffery Dean Morgan In the Girls section? Edit: I am so glad you guys fixed the Issue Jeffery Dean Morgan Is a very attractive Man And while I am now confused as to what that says about myself I can say his Manliness has been restored and Honor Vindicated thank you developers for your quick feedback and easy fix it’s sometimes just nice to know you care Rip JDM you beautiful woman you


Okay this is a good app BUT!!!!! When I’m doing the celebrity match it changes my zodiac sign to a different one that’s is very close to my sign. So what is with that? I just want accurate based on my actual zodiac sign not the one I was supposed to be born under (I was born technically 41 minutes late form the original due date).

Can’t unsubscribe

I liked this app a lot so I decided to pay for the premium subscription, only to find out there wasn’t really anymore information available to me than before paying. Now I can’t find a way to unsubscribe from paying each month and the developers won’t respond to the email I sent them.


No love for Gemini on this app.


I got the app and deleted it within a day howeverI'm being charged for premium when I 100% did not sign up for it.

Termination turmoil

I have just recently download the app, but found I did not use it often enough to spend $4.99 per month. When I attempted to find where and how to terminate it was no where to be found as an option??? Why do you make it so easy to sign up and download, but impossible to cancel when it’s no longer wanted???

Love this app but..

I love this app but I would like it to be more interactive. Like I saw no way of adding my own zodiac quotes or memes and I checked to see if that was premium but I saw nothing.


I wish it didn’t cost money to get to read more and see more

Always spot on!

I love love love this app! It is literally spot on with & others around me! Crazy! Highly recommend it!

The best app for self-esteem

I like the app because it understands me and it only took this long in history to see that the stars know us.

Cool App

Rated 3 stars due to an horoscope app...yeah a simple horoscope app that has a ridiculous amount irrelevant ads with a over price monthly payment of $19.99 to get a premium which is dumb due to the fact u can get it for free on google. DO BETTER!


I downloaded this & hated it. I emailed the company 2x and requested a refund ($19.99) and to terminate my subscription & they can’t even respond! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!! Update: After 3 emails & writing a review they finally responded. Thank you for responding and not really helping at all. I have canceled the subscription. And contacted my bank.

Charging without telling

Not cool. :(

Cool app but some incorrect info

When using the Celebrity Match feature I noticed that Hayley Williams was listed as a Libra and I know for a fact that she is a Capricorn. If you're going to implement this feature and charge people for it you might want to be sure you include the correct info. Might wanna go through and double check the accuracy of you Celebrity Match data.

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