Horoscope+ 2018 App Reviews

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Great app it definitely describes my personality traits to a T

Virgo woman

You have hit home on a lot of my traits, that u can describe me so well is crazy but Good. I love it

Loving the app

I think it's fun and pretty 'spot on' for my Aquarius self.

It’s fantasmal

I do really like the app. Not sure how accurate it is sometimes. But we’re going to find out lol

The App is great

Worth it!

Why only Pisces???

This app is great. I love the platform. The added features and articles. I use the tarot card reading every day. It’s great. The only thing I have to complain about is the “Memes and Quotes.” I’m going to assume the developer of this app was a Pisces. Reason being is because 98% of the “Memes and Quotes” always have to do with being a Pisces as a zodiac sign. It rarely has anything to do with the other zodiacs. I’ve had this app for a few months already and I’ve only seen one occasion where the “Memes and Quotes” had any relevance to my zodiac. Maybe if the developer could change that feature, and make it more well rounded instead of just being primarily focused on Pisces, I would have given a 5 star ratting. Regardless, still a great app and I enjoy using it. Sagittarius here! 🙏⭐️

Plz read ALL

Actually a lot better than was expected .. memes for each sign, relationship advice, and daily reads - a lot to do for free interested in what the premium may offer. I love the memes and quotes for my sign so funny and mostly true ♍️


Some of the features don’t work. For example, my celebrity match won’t work

Surprisingly accurate

It’s a cool and at the same time just a little bit unsettling how accurate horoscopes, memes, and articles for this app are! It always puts me in a good mood to check it in the morning. Even when the day isn’t looking to be the best, they find a way to put you in a right mindset. Thank you!

Good App

I enjoy this free app but feel they should exclude your gender in the profile. Then if you look at compatibility the app would get the right gender and be much more accurate. I also wonder why the moon Sign isn’t included to make predictions individualized. Still it’s fine for a basic app that’s free.


This app subscribed me for something I didn’t want and I canceled it right away and it still charged me and now I can’t do nothing on my phone they are no help and this app is not worth it at all

Scam artists! Do not activate the free trial!!

Beware: if you take advantage of the free trial, there will not be a method for you to delete your account prior to the debit hitting your bank for the monthly fee. You are literally STUCK until the fee is taken and there is a wonderful clause hidden in the fine print that says you will not receive a refund once the fee has been charged. Run for the hills, people!!


It was better with the access to tomorrow. I barely use it anymore now because almost everything has to be paid for.

Great app

This app is really good and I love it so much I can’t even explain!!!

Mad !

Will not let me cancel from free trial. Do not want too pay 4.99$. Emailed twice and haven’t gotten a response.

Can not cancel after “free” trial

There is no where to cancel after you sign up. Emailed the “contact us” and no response. Not impressed Developer replied (thank you) and asked if I could provide details to my low rating...I am pretty sure that my review covers that. I have emailed twice, posted the review and I am still unable to cancel my subscription. 👎👎

Like it! Almost love it!

This app is pretty accurate except for compatibility- here, it’s all over the place with its contradictions! The problems with compatibility predictions/suggestions makes me question all other aspects of the app. That being said, I would (and have!) def recommend this app to friends but she sure I include a warning that not everything is free, esp tomorrow’s predictions! This was not made clear to me when I originally downloaded app and I was completely blindsided by it- HATE That part! But other than that, i I’ve the app! It’s definitely my favorite horoscope app!!!! I read it everyday! The articles are absolutely amazing!! They are so accurate most of the time that they’re scary!

So far so good

I'm New to the app, but I like it

Love app but

The birth stone is wrong for Leo it’s not ruby it’s peridot


Love this app so much! As a wisdom-seeking Sagittarius, I've really enjoyed learning more about my sign and others as well! The features work well and I open the app every morning to check my daily predictions. The info is incredibly accurate too! No complaints here! 💖♐️

Love it!

Great articles for millennials, very similar to Elite Daily or Thought Catalogue. Favorite zodiac app!


How are we supposed to end free trial?? Just delete the app??

To the point

I like this one because it is too the point but I do wish that there was a bit more information about my day.

Easy to sign up- impossible to cancel

Tried a free trial. It isn’t clear what day is today or tomorrow & never changed for 3 days. I am trying to cancel to avoid $4.99 charge & can not find “account settings” anywhere, which is where it said changes/ cancellations can be made in the fine print.


You have to pay now? Lame.

What happened?

The app was really great and the info is accurate, but then they started taking away features that were once free and making it a part of their premium service, why?

Creepily Accurate

This app has been correct 90% of the time, to the point that I’m convinced that it is watching me. It’s been very helpful and fun to see what it says next. It’s a great app and I recommend it to Astrology fans anywhere. My only gripe is that it took away the prediction of tomorrow to Premium subscribers. Other than that, it’s a very solid app.

Best horoscope app

This was really spot on! From my relationship to my money troubles and job. So glad I read my 2018 yearly horoscope in January ha ha I feel ready to conquer this year.

Previously free features now cost

Features that were free now suddenly cost money.


I enjoy this app but as with a previous comment sometimes the horoscope is the same as the previous day. How about putting the actual date in addition to “today” or “tomorrow”. That would be helpful in determining whether or not you are reading the correct one.

Fix it

I love the app, but this morning the app did an update and now I cannot get rid of the notification. The memes and features will not load to clear the notification. Help!!!!

Maybe it’s the update

I have been enjoying this app for awhile now. The charging of a lot of the features I’m used to is a bit upsetting. I’ve also had the same daily horoscope for about a week.

Same horoscope for 5 days

I really liked this app at first, but now I keep getting the same Horoscope every day. On two separate occasions I’ve gotten the same horoscope for multiple days in a row.

Not updated daily

I keep reading the same in the today tab for about a week now. The only to see the tomorrow is going premium but still will be the same everyday

Issue with upgrade

So I decided to give the premium edition a shot and for a week now, it gives me the same horoscope. I got onto my iPod Touch with my secondary account and the horoscope is different from both my devices.

Liked it before, not so much now

I had the app before they added premium and the small memes. Before, I liked it because it felt really accurate and it was fun to check on once in a while. Now, I don’t mind the fact that they added premium or the memes, but the memes seem to repeat a ton and my horoscope doesn’t even seem to update anymore. I’ve checked daily and it seems like it has stayed the same.


I thought this was gonna be cool but my daily horoscope hasn’t changed since I first got the app

Just a ploy to get you to purchase in-app

Isn't the point of this to get a new horoscope every day? Why do I keep getting the same horoscope every day? What a waste.

Typical Genralization

Just uses vague information that could be applied to multiple experiences in a day or influence someone's future choices to get people to think "wow so amazing and accurate!!!" and pay for their premium. Just a big scam that people don't understand.

Bad app

I’ve had this app for three days now and my daily horoscope have remained the same.

It was great then..

Then it prompted for a subscription, which I did because it was proving a great app, but it feels as if it’s all gone downhill since then. Same horoscope stays up for days on end and everything takes forever to load. Was quite happy until this.

Such ridiculousness, why?!

I was drawn in with how amazing this app WAS until the recent update... I loved how you offered multiple features and articles in this app that made it stand out from the others until you added the "premium" content - content that I, as a long time user of this app, was expecting to have as a "regular" user. Business proposal like this always RUINS the app when you have to START PAYING for content you were already GETTING FOR FREE...

It’s okay...

To be honest the only thing i disliked about the app was that you couldn’t change the compatibility’s genders. It’s purely heterosexual and i think it should relate to everyone.

Good app

I like it has been pretty on point I just get I seen everything and now they want me to pay for premium just hate when the push that on you other then that a good app

Not impressed

This was great until I had to pay to use anything in app. It disappoints me cuz I really used to enjoy it.

Add more celebrities

I think it’s very accurate, I was just wondering if you guys would add more female celebrities especially pornstars. But overall I think this app is amazing




I want to like this app, BUT I’m sick of getting 20 notifications a day on it now! It is ridiculous! Gonna give it another few days for them to correct that.

Doesn’t work

I got the subscription for the app and ever since the app doesn’t work. No matter what I do it does this sad face and says, “tab above to try again.” I’ve tried closing out, deleting and re downloading, nothing. I gave it 2 stars because when it did work it seemed pretty accurate. Oh well.

What happened?

I have been using this app for months at no charge now out of the blue it’s giving me the same horoscope three days in a row I can’t see the January prediction now without paying for it. Was loving it now I have to find another. APP DELETED! Hate u put that 4.99 a month on there when it was just free two days ago. That really bites!😏

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